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Project: X-clusive Gamer Logo Clan PORTOFOLIO


Project: Caledon - Portofolio Description: Bussines retail service money


Project: SirJose'New Holder: xxxxx KASKUS Description: Apparel Jakarta-Bandung Status: COMPLETED

Chaney System Inc.

Project: CSI-Chaney System Inc - PORTOFOLIO Description: -

Dan Herrick Photography 2

Project: Dan Herrick Photography 2 - PORTOFOLIO Description : Travel photography

Dan Herrick Photography

Project: Dan Herrick Photography - PORTOFOLIO Descripton : Travel photography

Crazy Inspired

Project: Crazy Inspired - PORTOFOLIO Description: Crazy Inspired is mainly going to be a show/series of videos that educate people on diffe...

Apartment Transformation

Project: Apartment transformatio - PORTOFOLIO Description : If you are planning to sell, purchase or freshen up your investment property, l...


Project: NeaRa - PORTOFOLIO Description: NeaRa is an audiovisual B2B solution for online collaboration, HD Desktop & Mobile Video confe...


Project: AMSI - PORTOFOLIO Description: AMSI provides services, mainly aimed at Japan and other Asian territories, that enable businesses a...


Project: Jose' Holder : xxxxx (kaskus) Description :Retail leather apparel Jakarta - Bandung Status : COMPLETED

Angel In Action

Project: Angel In Action - PORTOFOLIO Description : a non-profit organization that promotes HIV and AIDS awareness. They support individua...

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